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  1. Pick any DDSS listing
  2. Send payment to escrow
  3. Receive your new DDSS+DRGN

Slumber Swap’s custom contracts unlock the ability to purchase DDSS+DRGN in a simple and secure manor. First start by browsing the available DDSS listings.

Listings can be purchased with Ethereum, True USD, or Gemini Dollar – check the listing for accepted payment method.

The best way to compare listings is with our DDSS/DRGN metric. This metric represents the average days held.

Start shopping & find the DDSS you need.



  1. Select Accepted Payment Types
  2. Set Your Market Premium
  3. Finalize Your Listing

Slumber Swap’s custom contracts make it easy to list your DDSS+DRGN for sale. Simply unlock your wallet to get started.

We recommend a premium which can be adjusted by using our dynamic scale.

You are free to cancel listings any time without any affect to your DDSS score. Your DDSS stays linked to your private wallet up until a buyer submits a payment to escrow.

Get paid for that sweet sweet slumber.


What is DDSS?

Dragon Days of Slumber Score (DDSS) is a score measured by a holder’s total Dragon balance multiplied by the number of days each Dragon has been held.


Where can I buy dragons?

If you’re looking to buy Dragonchain tokens (DRGN) to start building your DDSS score from scratch, you can buy DRGN tokens on KuCoin.


We’re here to help.

  • Can I make multiple purchases?

    There is no limit to the number of listing that an individual can purchase.

  • Is there any chance I don’t receive DDSS?

    Nope. The system performs a series of checks to ensure the process will be successful prior to the movement of any funds. If any of the checks fails, then the buyer will be refunded their payment and the sellers DDSS will not be lost.

  • Can I back out of my purchase after sending funds?

    No. Once the funds are submitted to the Ethereum escrow contract, there is no way to cancel the process. Be sure that the listing you selected is the actual one that you want to purchase.

  • Are there any fees for buying DDSS?

    Slumber Swap charges a fee of 1.75% to purchase DDSS on our platform.

  • Do I have to list all of my DDSS?

    Yes. Slumber Swap requires that the entire account balance is to be listed for sale. This is an all-or-nothing type of listing.

  • What happens If my DDSS score drops during my listing?

    When a listing is made, the owner must keep the amount of DRGNs exactly the same until the time of sale – or else the transaction will not execute. In this scenario the listing would not be shown to the buyer.

  • Do I lose my DDSS if it does not get sold?

    Nope! Your DDSS is completely protected, so feel free to make or cancel listings. Your DDSS will only transfer after the buyers funds have successfully.

  • Is there any chance I don’t get paid?

    Absolutely not. The Ethereum escrow contract is immutable and will always pay funds to the listers address.

  • How long is my DDSS listed?

    The listing will remain active until you decide to cancel it. If the market rate drops below 10% from the creation of your listing, then it will be hidden.

  • Can I cancel my DDSS Listing?

    Yes. Simple go to ‘My Account’ and select the Cancel button in red.

  • Are there any fees for selling DDSS?

    Slumber Swap charges a fee of 1.75% to sell DDSS on our platform. This fee is only charged if a sale is made.

  • Who pays the DDSS Recovery Fee?

    The recovery fee of 20 DRGN is sent from Slumber Swap’s reserve wallet.

  • Did Slumber Swap have an ICO?

    No. Slumber Swap is a tokenless blockchain DApp that was built without an initial coin offering.

  • Can I check the transaction history?

    All personal transactions will be listed in your account view and stored on our Dragonchain. Additionally, you can view the Ethereum Escrow Contract Address to monitor all of the transaction running through our system.

Still Have a Question? Talk to Us

Our goal is to make your DDSS Slumber Swap as easy as possible. Reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram. We’d be happy to help answer your question.